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What is residential proxy?

A residential proxy is an intermediary server between a user and the website they are accessing. The IP address of a residential proxy is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) instead of a data center. Each residential IP comes from a real mobile or desktop device with a precise physical location, and it is trusted by websites to help users easily bypass address location restrictions and IP blocking, achieve the highest website pass rate, and keep your real IP hidden at all times.

No Monthly
Proxy locations
127+ Countries
Proxy types
Rotating & Session
Session IP duration
Up to 30min+
User/Pass only
Proxy protocol
HTTP proxy
Why Static Residential Proxies?

Real ISP

Use real residential IPs assigned by top-tier ISPs, ensuring you never get blocked or detected.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We do not have any bandwidth limitations. Forget about paying extra for the traffic used.

Unlimited Sessions

Complete freedom of action without any limitations. All of it is in your hands.

Lifetime IPs

Use your IPs for as long as you require, for your purposes.

Lightning Speed

Our proxies are reliable and speedy, for even faster execution.


Currently, the United States, Canada and UK are available as a location.

MaxProxy Residential Proxy

MaxProxy provides you with fast and reliable residential proxy IPs with global geographical coverage, which come from real computers, mobile phones, and other WiFi devices, also known as peer-to-peer proxies. Compared to data center proxy IPs, our residential proxy IPs are harder to detect and also support more locations and more accurate positioning options. Our residential proxy IP pool contains millions of proxy IP addresses, and our MaxProxy residential proxy network's rotation technology ensures a 99.99% high stable online rate. Additionally, our residential IPs have a good reputation because they are registered under consumer internet service providers, which not only hides your real IP address but also makes you appear as a real person browsing.

Why Choose MaxProxy Residential Proxy?

MaxProxy's residential proxy almost covers all countries and most cities worldwide. You can easily filter and obtain the residential IP you need through our customized proxy client software, which runs perfectly on both Windows and Mac systems. Additionally, our dynamic residential proxy IPs have first-class performance, stability, and high scalability to meet most task requirements. MaxProxy Residential Proxy is affordable, with unlimited bandwidth and instant setup, making it suitable for all your proxy IP usage needs. If you have high requirements for IP quality, please choose our residential proxy IPs. Choosing our residential proxy can help you achieve a higher level of anonymity, stay away from IP bans and network restrictions.

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